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Do you know how to Figure out your Mobile Operating System

Figure out your Mobile Operating System

Have you just snapped up a new mobile device and do not know its operating system as yet? Do you get puzzled over which smartphone integrates which operating system under the hood? Well if so, all you really need to do is – figure out your mobile operating system. The process is simple and can be carried down in just a few easy steps.

Figure out your Mobile Operating System
Figure out your Mobile Operating System

We have listed below a quick guide – which will seriously help you discover if your device is running Android, iOS or Windows as its operating system. Take a look!

  • Switch on your mobile phone. Ideally, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to figure out the OS – since the device’s home screen and icons are enough to render an idea. Nevertheless, it’s always best to see it up.
  • Unlock your phone – it will basically help you get a glimpse of your first ‘home’ screen. This should help you figure out your mobile operating system.
  • In order to ensure whether your device is running iOS or not, you’ll have to look at the first home screen. Here, you should be seeing a grid of icons that hover across the screen – with a bar at the bottom which embeds some favorites. However, there should be a button with a square inside – just towards the bottom of your mobile device. If you press the said button, it will enable you to seamlessly quit applications and get back to your home screens. You can simply click on ‘Settings’ and then ‘General’ in order to see what version of iOS your device is running.
  • In order to ensure whether your mobile device is running Android or not, simply go to ‘Settings’ app and scroll to the bottom. Although most smartphones run Android OS but it may still be hard to figure out your mobile operating system. Nevertheless, just go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘About Phone’ – which will give you a peek at what Android version your device is running.
  • Lastly, if you wish to see if your device is running Windows Phone 7, simply go to ‘Settings’ and figure out the ‘About’ section. Once you have found it, click on it and you’ll see what version of the Windows operating system your phone is running.


Please note, your mobile device could be running a different operating system altogether. And if your device doesn’t run iOS, Android or Windows, you can go your device’s ‘About’ section and learn more about which version its running. Also, you can always keep a tab on whether your mobile operating system needs an upgrade or not. Generally, users are notified of the latest software updates through their carrier itself.

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