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How to install SuperTux on a Nokia N810 in Maemo

How to install SuperTux

Super Tux has undoubtedly garnered quite a lot of limelight for being an open-source two-dimensional platform game. Although the game takes inspiration from the popular Nintendo Super Mario Bros, the in-game graphics and milestones seriously beg to differ – and of course, the mascot of the Linux kernel ‘Tux. However, installing the game isn’t as challenging as it sounds. So, if you are looking for an easy way to install SuperTux on your Nokia N810 in Maemo, then here’s some help.

We are listing below a few steps that will help you install SuperTux on a Nokia N810 in Maemo. Oh by the way, the SuperTux link on Maemo is actually broken. Read on to know more!

install supertux

  • Under IT2007, you will find a file ending in ‘.deb’. Download it. You will also have to download a file ending in ‘.deb’ under IT2008.
  • Make sure that you install the file under IT2007 first. Subsequent to which, you will have to download the 2008 one. To notify, the installation of both the files should work just like a normal install.
  • Once you install the 2008 file, it will update the old one on its own.
  • Should the link mentioned above does not work properly; you may go to the official website of Super Tux. The website will display a right link as per the device. Nevertheless, the steps mentioned just above should help you install SuperTux on a Nokia N810 in Maemo.

install supertux

Well, that’s all. To give an insight into SuperTux, it’s a classic 2D arcade sides-roller game which embeds 26 playable games and 9 rivals – under the Milestone 1 though. The open-source game also catches attention for its configurable joystick and keyboard input. However, it’s the hero ‘Tux’ which grabs eyeballs for the most part of this two-dimensional platform game.

The first Milestone release also offers you software and OpenGL rendering modes along with sharp graphics. On the whole, you get a little story which draws a lot of similarities from the widely adored Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Series.


As of now, the download link on is not working properly. Should the link gets fixed up, you will not really feel a dearth of the link mentioned in this article. For additional info on install SuperTux, users can go to

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