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12+ Best tips and tricks of PUBG to survive and win for Beginners

Have you played PUBG Mobile games yet? Games with the main genre of battle royals are indeed being played on smartphones. PUBG is out there in Android’s Google Play Store and everybody like the Game. You need to know about 12+ Best tips and tricks of PUBG that will help you to make the most out in the Game.

In this article I will continue to discuss 12+ Best tips and tricks of PUBG Mobile for survival to become last man standing. We just start right away. If PUBG is a very simple game of access and very understandable in its mechanics, it is sometimes very difficult to control it and these tips can clearly save you life.

tips and tricks of PUBG Battle Ground PUBG-min

The most common mode of play of PUBG Mobile is a free mode where 100 naked and desperate players are dropped on an island cluttered with gear and weapons to massacre themselves happily until there are only ‘a. To make matters worse, the gambling area narrows periodically, automatically eliminating players who remain outside the gambling zone. Yes, as in the movie.

Unfortunately at the moment the in-game PUBG hacks are insufficient for players to learn more, most PUBG players have to spend a lot of time getting killed in games to learn it. But we share Tips and Tricks of PUBG for those of you who are simply beginning to play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

12+ Best tips and tricks of PUBG

1-Location Falls from the plane

Each time you play you will be gone up against an alternate course with the goal that the dive point will be extraordinary.To be simple, No One Tips and Tricks of PUBG  is I will divide into two options, first landing in the middle of the map or in the best spot full of good loot items. Be that as it may, in all probability you will promptly meet the opposition.

tips and tricks of PUBG Location Falls from the plane-min

The two plunged in locations that tended to be safe and with minimal potential for firefight, namely at the end of the map. If you choose the second option, dive near the highway and immediately look for a vehicle.

2- Speed ​​and Intelligence

The speed and intelligence  also one of the Tips and Tricks of PUBG which means when you first jump on the island you have to think about your goals and have to land as quickly as possible before the other players. Because in this game you have to think to attack silently or openly, of course, both have risks.

This game is very interesting because it has a very large island and if you explore it might be long and tired by yourself. But that doesn’t mean you have to be lazy, you still have to explore the island to find supplies of weapons, medical, ammo and others.

3- Pick up first, ask questions later

There will be fight and you would prefer not to be the looser who comes bare-handed to a shootout. No Second Tips and Tricks of PUBG  is Your first priority after landing should be to loot. Of course, you followed our first advice and fell by the side of a building away from the enemies, did not you? Awesome. Now, go inside and loot. A weapon is dependably the main need. Then, pick up body armor and healing items to keep you alive during the action.

4- The accessories of a weapon as precious as jewels

Very customizable, we can not advise you too much to add to the weapons a silencer at the earliest opportunity or a flasher if you have nothing else on hand. Because in the middle of nature, besides the noise, the light that will emit your cannon is the best indicator of your position for the enemy.

5- Run as fast as possible

In open areas, of course we have to move as quickly as possible. Well we can take advantage of the ‘auto sprint fitur feature to run at full speed. How to direct the virtual analog button up or by using the shortcut on the top right, then No Five Tips and Tricks of PUBG  is you will continue to run without the need to press again. In addition, we can store weapons so we can run faster.

One more, the feature that must be utilized is the free look. Where you can see the surrounding area without needing to change direction. You do this by dragging the icon with a small eye right near the map.

6- Adjust Control Configuration

When playing the game you must immediately adjust the control settings on the keyboard because when you have reached the mainland then setting it will waste time and might be killed quickly.

PUBG Adjust Control

No Six Tips and Tricks of PUBG is to arrange as best as possible with the tastes and rules that you like because this game has many controls that need to be remembered.

7- Use automatic functions

Playing action games on a touch screen can be difficult, but PUBG Mobile has some convenient automatic functions to make your task easier. Do not make your life more difficult and use it.

Automatic sprint
Automatic booty
Free view

8- Be on the lookout for the slightest sound

In PUBG the sound is particularly important and it is worked in such a way that it is at the service of the gameplay. The slightest of your movements can make a crack on a floor and you can be spotted by a player on the floor below yours. No Eight Tips and Tricks of PUBG is necessary to always analyze the distance of the noises, that of the cars, that of the shots to estimate a more or less exact distance before leaving your cover.

9- Self Supplies Before Fighting

Always check the situation before entering a building, pay attention if the door is open or there is a car that is parked then there might be an enemy and you should look for another building.

best weapon for PUBG-min

In PUBG Mobile there is the ‘auto loot fitur feature, where your character will only automatically retrieve important items, replace stronger weapons and ammunition, and other equipment such as backpacks, helmets, vests, and medical items.

Very helpful right? But the weakness of the feature is that sometimes it is missed items that are actually needed in your strategy and the process of taking them is also time consuming.

10- The best weapon according to conditions

Now PUBG has a lot of maybe even dozens of types of weapons that you can find and all of them certainly have the best and worst categories. So try to learn slowly the type of weapon. For the first time and recommendations from us, try using the assault rifles M16A or AK-47. In our opinion, the two weapons are the best because they have great power in a variety of near and far situations.

11- Replacing Vehicles

When supplies are enough, it’s time to comb and move to the safe zone with the vehicle. Compared to motorbikes or karts, using a car is a more appropriate choice.

tips and tricks of PUBG Replacing Vehicles in PUBG-min

In addition to providing protection from unexpected attacks, the car can also be a deadly weapon, where we can hit an enemy that is encountered. Those who pay attention to fuel, don’t let the car run out of gas in the middle of the road. To be safe, replace the car that is found if the energy is running low.

12- Be careful with the Red Zone

Sometimes, you will see a bright red circle appear on the minimap impromptuly. This is a warning sign to tell if you are in an area affected by the explosion. After a few seconds, the bomb will start exploding randomly in an area covered by a red circle for a short time, this is one of the cool ways to die in PUBG.

Red Zone in PUBG-min

Sometimes, you will see a bright red circle appearing in the minimap impromptuly. This is a warning sign to tell if you are in an area affected by the explosion. After a few seconds, the bomb will start exploding randomly in an area covered by a red circle for a short time, this is one of the coolest ways to die in PUBG.

13- Playing smarter than enemies

If you already have the best weapons and equipment, don’t forget the most important weapon is your brain.  If there is a shootout and you have successfully knocked down the enemy or are paralyzed then die, do not immediately take away your luggage.

PUBG enemies-min

He plays as a squad or duo and there are still other players who are still alive. So first pay attention to the surroundings, then take the needed booty.

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