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8 Successful Trends to Promote Your Business online on Social Media

Let’s look at the basic principles of using social media networks by an online store and developing a social media plan for Your Business Growth.

promote your business online in social networks is a great way to tell about you and your company to a potential buyer. Our goal is to make people like you. We will choose an effective social network for your business and a community concept, and develop a high-quality content plan. User loyalty will ensure an increase in the number of orders and the success of your business.

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Social networks (Social Media) is one of the most effective ways to expand coverage, connect to your target audience and develop your business. However, along with all other inbound marketing channels, social media is constantly changing.

In the outgoing year, many significant events happened to social media: Facebook induce Snapchat users on Instagram, Apple announced plans to change the way they interact with mobile devices. In 2019, social networks are ready to throw even more challenges to users.

Promote Your Business online

promote your business online on Social networks provide a great opportunity to show themselves in all their glory, especially those businesses that sell directly to consumers. In fact, this is the main way for a business to express itself to the target audience and the general public in general. As they say: “if you want to survive, you need to be on social media.” So, if you decide to increase your business presence on social networks.

Innovations related to social networks are actually developing before our eyes. Below you will find 7 Effective Ways to Grow your Business on Social Media:

1- Creating a social media plan to promote your business online.

Before you start using social networks for business, you need to outline the basics of your action plan and learn how to manage various social networking platforms.

Promote Your Business online

what do you want to achieve for your company through the use of social networks? Usually, the fundamental goal will be to increase the customer base and, as a result, increase sales. However, it is necessary to take into account that social networks are not an ideal channel for an immediate increase in sales and that this can be achieved in the medium and long term. Your first goal should be to present your target audience. Even if you want to know about you, you need to choose a measurement indicator (for example, a 20% increase in clicks to your website from social networks).

2- Identify and analyze the online market to promote your business online.

This is a basic step that will serve as a springboard for your work in social media. Make a list of the specific social and cultural characteristics of the customer profile and its characteristics, such as purchasing power, age range, gender, place of residence, etc.

analyze to Promote Your Business online

All this will help you decide which social networks will be most useful to promote your business online, and at what time days best to show new messages, the tone that you should use to communicate with your audience, and what type of posts will generate the most interest and feedback.

3- The key role of live broadcasts

What once was an entertaining novelty, has become a key and integral part of social networks. Today, brands are actively using streaming to attract the attention of followers.

GORUCK, the manufacturer of backpacks and the organizer of extreme events, is one of the clearest examples of how the brand becomes more accessible thanks to streaming content on Facebook: a huge number of endorsers are prepared to watch the 48-hour inclusion of the perseverance race.

In 2019, more brands will begin to recognize the power of streaming and include it in their monthly content plans.

4- Create your own community.

When you increased significant Fans or companion, attempt to tie them by associating with them. Hear them out, enquire their worries and take care of their issues. Be visit in collaboration and include them in all the business exercises by sharing data and gathering criticisms. This will expand your locale arrange.

Promote Your Business online with community

5- The growing popularity of Instagram Stories.

According to Statista, a statistical resource, more than 200 million people use Instagram Stories every month, which is 50 million more than Snapchat users. With this, Instagram Stories is just a year old! Specialists foresee that practically 50% of all Instagram clients will utilize this alternative before the finish of 2018.

This means that brands interested in building contacts with Instagram users should invest time in mastering the functionality of Instagram Stories. Kontur. The magazine previously told about successful examples of promoting companies using Instagram Stories.

6- Facebook becomes almost completely mobile.

By 2020, about 59% of US users will go to Facebook only via mobile devices, and 80% of the company’s advertising revenue already comes from mobile ads. Facebook was one of the latest social media platforms that were not specifically designed for mobile devices right from the start.

A case of the developing prominence of utilization, for example, Instagram and Snapchat prompted a specific pattern – the improvement of versatile applications (or generally portable). Of course, mobile device optimization has become a key task for advanced marketers, but if Facebook takes a leading position in mobile devices, brands will not have anything to make and circulate content that isn’t enhanced for this.

7- Interest in Facebook Spaces.

Facebook is not just interested in streaming video. Now the company is working hard on the project Spaces, which allows users to interact with each other in the virtual space, using voice and gestures along with text messages. Given that Facebook owns Oculus, it is not surprising that a social network is developing a resource for using VR technology.

8- Redefining the Twitter role.

In 2017, Twitter failed to significantly increase the number of subscribers. Truth be told, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram have more clients on social networks. This year, Twitter also lost access to the broadcasts of NFL games. In 2018, Twitter management will likely seek to rethink the operation of the platform. Possible changes: the sale of the company to private investors, the development of a resource in the direction of a subscription, the updating of advertising options, etc.


A number of new trends in social networks that will affect users and brands are amplified and accelerated. It is likely that streaming video and virtual reality will occupy a leading position in the list of trends. In addition, brands will be pulled into social platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, where representatives of generation Z often spend time.

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