Beware Don’t Download WhatsApp Gold, Danger!

we as a whole know extremely well that WhatsApp Gold, a standout amongst the most prominent and understood WhatsApp tricks, has as of late returned. In this Article, we tell you about the latest fake news to come back in vogue recently concerns the elusive WhatsApp Gold, an alleged premium version of the known instant messaging app that would allow access to exclusive features. In recent times, many WhatsApp users have received link submissions that offer the latest upgrades. But don’t be fooled. In recent times, many WhatsApp users have received link submissions that offer the latest upgrades. But don’t be fooled.

WhatsApp Gold Danger!

Warning! If you are invited to download WhatsApp Gold, it is a fraud

A scam already bounced on smartphones in past years, that several users have returned to report in the last hours. What is it? There is an alleged message in circulation that recommends downloading the Gold version of the app, which shows the link to update. By downloading the Gold version of WhatsApp you would be entitled to an updated application with new features, such as a new catalog of emoji and wallpapers or the ability to send 100 images at the same time.

If you get a message to upgrade the WhatsApp short message application to the Gold version, just ignore it and immediately delete the invitation. The upgrade, which is allegedly used by irresponsible people, is claimed to offer new features such as the ability to chat videos, send 100 images at once and the ability to delete messages after they are sent.

Beware Don't Download WhatsApp Gold

It all starts with a message that reaches the devices through a WhatsApp contact that does not know that it is a scam.  In 2016 many users of WhatsApp became victims of a scam that proliferated every month and that, every so often, resurfaced again. Now, almost three years later, this scam has returned to reappear taking numerous victims. This is the WhatsApp Gold scam, a fake Premium version of the messaging application.

Whatsapp Messanger

Everything begins with a message that arrives at the devices through a WhatsApp contact that does not know that it is a scam. The message informs that there is a Premium version called WhatsApp Gold, aimed at influencers and that it has exclusive functions. In addition, the text indicates that a filtering allows any user to install it on their device.

WhatsApp warns of phishing scam with ‘WhatsApp Gold’

The link in the message actually leads to malware, which can infect your cellphone.This malware will be the entryway for programmers to keep an eye on and take your information. The message might sound like this, ‘Hey finally secret WhatsApp Golden version has been leaked, this version is used by big celebrities. Now we can use it too. But the exclusive upgrade actually doesn’t exist. It’s only a download connection to programming that programmers can use to gain admittance to your cellphone.

So far, malware in the download link has only infected Android devices. Those who have already downloaded are advised to install antivirus software and only install the application through the Google Play Store.  If the victim accesses the link that the message provides to download WhatsApp Gold, the cyber criminals will take advantage to steal user data or install malwares on the device.

Warning! WhatsApp Gold

Given the proliferation of this scam, the authorities recommend eliminating the application as soon as possible if it has been installed and contacting the operator, to verify that no Premium subscription has been made. In addition, experts remember that we must beware of these types of messages and, in case of doubt, consult official sources.

Be careful with WhatsApp fraud mode. Because, now there is a fake WhatsApp application that tries to attract the attention of users. A fake application that tricked the user named WhatsApp Plus. To pull in the consideration of clients, WhatsApp Plus offers various capacities and highlights that are not accessible on the first WhatsApp adaptation. WhatsApp Plus comes with a golden logo, which will attract the user’s attention to download it. With tempting gold, this fake application is also known as WhatsApp Gold.

When the user tries to download the WhatsApp gold file, the information on the WhatsApp Plus application is outdated and asks the user to download the latest version.  The mode is the same. In the past two years, WhatsApp Gold deceived users with the application renewal mode. This application promises new functionalities, but it is not an official version and only gives you permission and information of your accounts for fraudulent purposes.

WhatsApp Gold Fraud

It is an announcement, as a message, that urges clients to download this application. The message contains a connection that, when opened, “the least that can happen”, as explained by the company, is that whoever tried to install it WhatsApp denies the use of the application for trying to use fraudulent third-party apps, However, “the most usual, especially if the mobile is Android, is to steal all the data that is in the device,” said ESET. In case WhatsApp Gold has been installed, the company recommends uninstalling it and using an antivirus to check what damage has occurred in the mobile.

The fake WhatsApp Gold app appears on Google Play

Do not be fooled. There has never been a WhatsApp application outside the first version that we all know and use. In addition, you should reliably be wary of any Android app that is not available in the Google Play store. For some reason, Google was able to slip through the censorship on Google Play, and more than 1 million clients downloaded the bogus whatsapp application before they were wiped out.

Download WhatsApp Gold

An application called Update WhatsApp Messenger has been quietly removed by Google. This is a fake application of WhatsApp live chat utility which is very popular today. indeed, even the name of the application designer is named similar to the company that developed the application.  In spite of the fact that this application has been expelled from google play it has moreover misled many people. A big question for Google is that this fake object has passed censorship and has appeared on their app market for a long time. Currently Google has not yet spoken up about this incident.

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