Facebook 10-year challenge raises debate on facial recognition

Ten Year Challenge: the social challenge that invites us to remember who we were ten years ago, between narcissism and awareness.

Facebook 10-year challenge

The facebook 10-year challenge has been making extraordinary accomplishment in all social media networks for Couple of days. The game that viralized on Facebook raised discussion among experts. In recent days, Facebook users are having a blast to take up the “10-Year Challenge”. This new fashionable challenge is to publish a photo taken in 2009 next to a photo taken in 2019.

Facebook 10 Year Challenge


If you are a Facebook user, you have hardly seen your friend’s two-page posting, one from 2009 and another from 2019, on your timeline. The game dubbed a “10-year challenge” in the hashtag viralized since 16 Jan and has become the main “joke” of the moment in the platform.

The challenge has gained every form of adaptation, from people posting photos comparing their images in the last ten years to a hook for comparison of artists, politicians, places, and situations. The meme has become a resource for debates from the personal evolution of users to political disagreements on the site.

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Reason Behind the facebook 10-year challenge

At first glance, this little game may seem quite harmless. However, in reality, according to several experts in cybersecurity, the reasons why Facebook launched this facebook 10-year challenge are far from innocent. The goal of the company would be, once again, to collect a maximum of data on its users.

The recognition, even with this adjustment device, is done through a technology that “learns” how to improve this procedure as it receives more data or more photos. The Question is how such images from 10 years ago could be “feeding” the Facebook database and “training” their systems?

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“This can happen. It is a very objective metric for systems to learn. The great difficulty is to make universal standards and this is an objective standard since it has defined years. This could be used to train these systems.

Facebook already has a huge amount of photos, the ones you publish on your profile. Only it is impossible for Mark Zuckerberg’s social network to know exactly when the photo was taken. The timing of the publication differs very often from the moment of the shooting.


social network

With this challenge, both photos are certified to have been taken ten years apart and many Internet users add more context elements, the place and the exact date they were. A gold mine for Facebook, which now has a reliable database to test its software.

In the first case, honorable, the exploitation of facial recognition can be useful to the society. In India, for example, 3000 missing children were traced in 2018 thanks to this technology.

In a second case, the goal is to make money on your personal data. Advertisers could take the opportunity to better target their marketing campaigns. If your skin is wrinkled for example, you are more likely to be bombarded with ads for anti-wrinkle creams.

Facebook 10-year challenge for celebrities

After the celebrities and their before-and-after photos on the hashtag # facebook 10-year challenge, it’s now nature that is entitled to its comparisons. And the rendering is terrifying.

#celebrities 10yearschallenge

10-year ENVIRONMENT Challenge

This is the key challenge of this month of January. The #facebook 10-year challenge, which consists of sharing a photo of yourself taken in 2009 and another taken in 2019, has conquered the world. We do not count the number of celebrity and anonymous publications that can be found on all social networks.

# ENVIRONMENT 10yearschallenge

Which of you has not come across lately in the famous 10 years challenge, the challenge that invites users to compare the photos 10 years ago and today? In facebook, 10-year challenge goes crazy and there are many people who are posting millions of photos in the social network, but are we really sure that there is no risk in participating in what seems like a fun and harmless game?

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