Facebook Plan is ready to integrate Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram

The blue social network in recent months is trying to win back all the users who have decided to abandon it after the scandals that hit it. But let’s try to understand something more about the new news that is Facebook Intended to integrate Messenger with WhatsApp and Instagram.

WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger “integrated”. Zuckerberg’s plan

As is well known, the applications WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram are very popular especially among young people, much more popular at the time of Facebook. It is probably these data that pushed Zuckerberg to declare that they wanted to integrate Messenger with the main one.


Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram users will be able to talk to each other, according to the “New York Times”. By uniting the infrastructure of their applications, Zuckerberg plans to increase the usefulness of its social network by keeping billions of people in its ecosystem.

What is the common point between Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram? One owner: Facebook. And soon, the same architecture. Social Network CEO Mark Zuckerberg has launched a complex plan to bring together the three messaging applications, which will remain autonomous, but which users will soon be able to exchange with each other. The important work required by this decision is expected to be completed by the end of the year or early 2020.


With this operation Zuckerberg has at least two objectives: the first is to link people even more to their messaging applications, giving a boost to the competition, the second – and perhaps most important – is that you could open up further possibilities for monetization, through advertising or other systems.

For example, Messenger users will be able to communicate with WhatsApp and Instagram addicts without having to switch applications.

Integrate Messenger increases Productivity and More advertisements

According to Mark Zuckerberg, this interconnectivity would increase the time spent on these applications and would allow to place new services but also more advertisements. He also said that the three applications will incorporate a message encryption system. A measure is taken to improve the image of Facebook, particularly undermined in recent months regarding the protection of data of its users.


Integrate Messenger with End-to-End Encryption

The news has made react the users of WhatsApp, for an important reason: the messages exchanged on the application are encrypted end-to-end. In other words, they are protected from prying eyes, which is not the case by default on Messenger, and not at all on Instagram. Discussing with users of non-encrypted apps is a nuisance for privacy lovers. According to the American newspaper, Mark Zuckerberg thought of them: his plan of reconciliation foresees that end-to-end encryption is incorporated in all applications.

end-to-end encryption

Facebook-controlled message services will have bound together the foundation and end-to-end encryption, but will maintain autonomy; WhatsApp user can send a message to contact that only has an Instagram account.

Integrate Messenger with Instagram and WhatsApp

Another usefulness of the integration would be to strengthen Facebook’s role as a global communication tool – WhatsApp is now popular in South America and India, but is seen by WeChat in China and even by SMS U.S. In addition, the changes give Zuckerberg a greater chance to make money with Instagram and WhatsApp. Today, applications generate little revenue, despite having respectively 1 billion and 1.5 billion monthly active users.

Instagram and WhatsApp

Perhaps it is also to this decision, but more generally “to the invasion of field” of Zuckerberg, which can connect the goodbyes of the founders of Instagram, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, at the end of September, preceded by the release of the creators of WhatsApp, Jan Koum and Brian Acton. According to the NYT, several employees of WhatsApp would collide with the CEO of Facebook on the platform integration plan, for many reasons, not least that of privacy. It is not clear how the user data will be shared between the services.

 Integrate Messenger will be Easy and Reliable For Friends and Family

THE REAL investment of Mr. Zuckerberg? Reunify the galaxy of social applications of the group: WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. An investment not just in terms of development, for which – according to what was declared by four people involved in the project who asked to remain anonymous – Facebook has put hundreds of engineers and developers working on the reconfiguration of the basic functions of the app communication.

friends and Family

“we need to assemble the best possible messaging experiences – confirm from Facebook – people want to exchange messages quickly, easily, reliably and privately We are working to bring end-to-end encryption to our other messaging services and we are evaluating step by step instructions to make it less demanding to achieve loved ones through different networks.

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