Google new Gmail update for browsers a new way to display your mails

Google declared the dispatch of a standout amongst its most prominent services, Gmail update with online mail, which has 1.4 billion individuals enrolled in another plan with new features. If you’ve been using Gmail in the desktop version in the last year, you’ve probably noticed how the Mountain View company has integrated new features designed to help users get things done quickly. With machine learning

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The Gmail mobile application has another design all white and furthermore new features, however no dim mode, for dim mode on Gmail you need to pause. Gmail update has a new design a total white minimal, an almost absolute white and no, no dark mode this time, for the dark mode on Gmail you have to wait, but you can already use the new material design on Gmail.

white Gmail update


You can check the accessibility of the refresh by tapping on the rigging icon in the upper right corner of the screen – the thing “Try a new Gmail update” ought to show up there.

Indeed, Google intends to change the design and bring new features to the messaging service. The mobile application is not concerned, these changes will take place only on the web version. After that, in the same menu, there will be an option to return to the usual, classic interface.

Gmail update with New Features and New Look

Google is preparing to make significant changes to Gmail. The interface will show a whole new design. The appearance will remain quite similar to the old version with the various menus and shortcuts on the left, a search bar at the top level, and emails to write the heart of the site. Among the small differences, Google intends to use Material Design to bring new more visible icons on a completely white background. The new version also now includes automatic responses at the bottom of the page as on the mobile application.

Gmail update with new Features

Google needs the user to “accomplish more”. For example, you can view applications (photos or documents) by immediately clicking on the icon next to the message header in the inbox, without scrolling through long conversations. Button Snooze will hide the letter for which there is no time right now, from the incoming for the selected period, and then again remind about it.

Gmail New Web Features

Gmail update has also added new features for the upcoming update. Attachment previews will now be available under messages to improve text comprehension. Users will also be able to lighten the content with “comfortable” and “compact” density options that will remove previews from attachments and avatars.

gmail app new look

Gmail update Mail in the mobile version will begin to offer to unsubscribe from mailings that the user does not read for a long time, will also offer to try the “high priority” notifications that will come even if other notifications are disabled.

Also, Gmail will begin to warn about potentially dangerous emails – for example, phishing emails – with new noticeable notifications.

Gmail update New Design without Dark Mode

Gmail dark mode

Visually the new design of Gmail is practically all white, with the new Google character in every writing that appears on the screen. The change has some ironic aspects, Gmail update is now all white but Google has encouraged developers to use dark modes in their apps as a way to save energy and extend battery life. In short, Google promotes dark mode and makes an all-white app.

To check for the new Gmail update, click on the link given below from your mobile or desktop and open Google Play and check whether you have updates accessible (you should try!!!).

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