Google temporarily turns off Google Photos app on Android TV for security error

The function of sharing photos using Google Photos app on Android TV has been temporarily suspended by Google for a serious security problem that,  apparently, when you had to choose the account for sharing photos, they were shown by hundreds and all of the unknown people.

An error allows viewers of Android TV to see Google Photos accounts from hundreds of strangers, forcing Google to temporarily disable photo sharing on Android TV after reports of a genuine blunder show up on Twitter.

Google Photos app on Android TV

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Automatic photo backup is a feature that Google has been offering for a long time, both on Android and iOS; only that until May 28 was tied to his social network, Google+. It was unrealistic to get to photographs spared online as though they were any files but as a series of albums ready to share on Google+.

As we know, Google+ continues to not attract users as much as Facebook – indeed, you can postulate that these “bundles” created by Google have been in the previous a system to make social more tempting.  The thing did not work and Google at long last chose to quit. Google+ plays an increasingly central role in the Google product portfolio, and Foto is the latest and most important demonstration.

Using the Google Home application, a user can view photos and videos from multiple linked Google Photos accounts. This allows a couple to see  each other’s pictures from their Personal Photos account while watching Android TV.

In a tweet sent by an Android TV user in India named Prashanth, he said that when he checked the linked accounts on his device, he was shocked to see many people listed – basically People who already own this TV. This problem seems similar to the Google Home application error in some  Android TV devices.

Prashanth Tweet

Prashanth owns a 55-inch LED TV with integrated Android TV. According to Android Police, when Prashanth was trying to set up Backdrop / Ambient  Mode on his Pixel 2 XL, hundreds of Google Photos app accounts from strangers were linked to his account, but he couldn’t really see images from them because Google Photos app feature does not work.

How Google Photos app works

You are a person who loves photography and when you are away from home you always shoot a lot of photos from your smartphone.  This your passion unfortunately also involves consequences such as having the memory of your device always full and the subsequent and frequent backup of photos taken on a PC, in order to free the space of your smartphone. Yeah, a real nuisance, I understand you.

How Google Photos app works

And if I told you that I can suggest an alternative to your manual backup of photos on PC, through a smartphone app that uploads and organizes photos online automatically?

No, it’s not science fiction at all, I’m just talking about Google Photos app available on Android and iOS mobile devices that automatically creates a backup of your photos, cataloging and organizing them to allow you to find them more easily. Google Photos is already integrated on some Android smartphones and automatically uploads to the cloud as a default option, while on iOS you can download the application for free and configure it for automatic upload of photos.

To use the Google Photos app on Android and iOS, you need a Google account. The application for cloud storage, in fact, allows the online upload of photos in the memory of your gadget and is additionally available from the work area, once signed in with a Google account.


If you use an Android smartphone you will already have a Google account when you had to create the initial configuration of your device since it also serves to access the Google Play Store; you would then be able to utilize it for Google Photos app as well.

A spokesman for Google, regarding this problem, said:

We take our users’ privacy very seriously. As we analyze this bug, we have disabled the ability to remotely transmit via the Google Assistant or view photos from Google Photos app on Android TV devices.

The bug has been limited for now, but at the cost of reduced functionality for all users of Android TV. We currently do not know when sharing photos with Google Photos app or Google Assistant will be restored.

According to reports from other sources like these, not all Android TV boxes are affected. First of all, Nvidia Shield TV, TIM Box and Mi Box 3 (the three most popular set-top-boxes with Android TV) were not affected by this bug. The only TVs affected are those produced by Vu and iFFalcon.

Unlimited space, with some small condition on Google Photos app:

Google Photos app offers the possibility to store an infinite number of photos, with limitations that for most users have a marginal relevance.

All photos with a resolution of more than 16 megapixels are resized, as well as all videos above full HD 1080p.
Photos in uncompressed formats, RAW, for example, are compressed and converted to JPG. All JPG photos at any resolution can be compressed further than the original.

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