Smartphone Maker LG started working on 6G technology

As we know exceptionally well that the enormous organizations and understood cell phone makers are essentially getting ready to dispatch their very own folding cell phones and gadgets with 5G Network innovation. Be that as it may, presently as indicated by the most recent reports, LG cell phone producer is as of now started tackling 6G technology.

LG started working on the development of 6G technology

The South Korean company LG, in cooperation with the Korean foundation of trendsetting technologies kaist, is chipping away at 6G technology. LG will enhance explore into telecom network technologies to lead the market with a sixth generation network.”

6G technology

The 5G is the future stage ever of the web. Many companies of different types are starting to prepare for the deployment of this new technology – which is due to debut in 2019 in a broader way – that will make the connections of tablets and smartphones even faster, but we know that it is a process that happens slowly, because too much needs to be changed.

The new division will take a shot at the examination and structure of correspondences advancements of the 6th generation, just as the improvement of a worldwide standard for future 6G systems.

Presently worldwide manufacturers have recently begun to discharge new cell phones outfitted with a 5G module. Therefore, perhaps in this way LG wants to overtake the competitors and work in parallel on the development of 5G and 6G technology networks. Even so, with the 5G badly crawling, LG does not want to waste time and already thinks about the development of 6G.

Smartphone Manufactueres working on 5G? Get rid of LG with 6G technology!

Like almost any other major smartphone maker, from Samsung to Huawei and Xiaomi, LG seems to be preparing to bet on 5G technology, trying to revive the overall shrinking market. But although the company expects its mobile division to finally take profits after the first launches of 5G, they are looking forward with hope.

It seems that LG has announced this information about a specialized research center located in Yuson district, Daejeon, South Korea. Obviously, LG is not yet working with any actual 6G technology-enabled phones but is seeking to “lead global standardization and provide new opportunities for creating a business.

Producers such as Samsung, Apple, Huawei and OnePlus are busy with 5G. Where Apple will probably not use the feature until 2020, the other producers will be there this year. However, there are companies that look further into the future and take the next step, before 5G is a thing on the market. LG is such a company and looks at the options for 6G technology.

5G technology

In partnership with the Korean Institute of Science and Technology, LG Electronics wants to “prepare for the future industry,” and it is estimated that it will take about ten years to transition from 5G to 6G. Of course, the speed of 5G mobile communication must first prevail, which industry analysts do not expect for a few more years.

5G automotive telecommunication and 6G technology

But LG is not mistaken, declare that it is important to increase the “competitiveness of Korean mobile communication technologies and prepare for the future industry.” It will definitely be interesting to see if the US wireless industry can make it in time to deploy 6G technology. At the same time, LG Mobile needs a couple of quick wins to stay in business long enough to take advantage of future developments and achievements.

LG itself announced that they were the first company to bring 5G automotive telecom to the market. With the arrival of a research center for 6G, we will be able to become the first in this respect.


It seems far too advanced if we consider that smartphones with 5G support have not even hit the market, but LG’s idea is really to anticipate. It’s still too early to talk about how the 6G technology will be modeled, but certainly getting ahead of the race is a great idea for a company that wants to remain competitive in the mobile market.

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