Finally LinkedIn Live feature Launch for streaming live video

Social networks that are often relied upon to introduce themselves or businesses to prospective colleagues or companies with diverse goals are testing new features. Finally, LinkedIn adds live video streaming with LinkedIn Live.

LinkedIn Live Video

LinkedIn is known to start diligently updating its services, before, on LinkedIn rolling out the voice message feature, aka voice mail, which is similar to the voice note feature. The voicemail feature on LinkedIn uses it similar to the voice note feature on WhatsApp.

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Once again, LinkedIn is inspired by other social networks, to launch with “months of delay” a feature already well known to all!

LinkedIn has always been a little late. It was only in 2017 that LinkedIn Video was launched. Subsequently, the social network was inspired by Snapchat to offer filters on videos and more recent stories.


It’s never too late! While LinkedIn is trying to copy the most trendy features on social networks like Facebook or Instagram, the professional social network has just added a new feature. LinkedIn Live will allow individuals and businesses to stream live video on the platform.

LinkedIn Live feature offers “more refined” videos

LinkedIn, a social network focused on the corporate world, wants to surf the wave of videos. The company announced on Monday (11) LinkedIn Live, its video transmission platform. The platform arrives in beta for a limited group of users in the United States and works much like live videos from Facebook apps.

Through this feature, the company hopes to “cover conferences, product announcements, Question and Answers and other events led by influencers and mentors. “To offer such an administration, LinkedIn live has worked together with a couple of third-party streaming services, for example, Wirecast or Brandlive. As a result, content creators will work with these companies to create and deliver “more refined” videos on LinkedIn.

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To support the launch of this new feature, Pete Davies, Director Product Management, explains, “Video is the quickest developing arrangement on our stage today, and the one possibly to get individuals talking. He includes that live video is a standout amongst the most asked for highlights. Already available on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, the live broadcast can cover events in another way and thus create a certain closeness with the public who is watching.


The company has not yet opened exactly how the tool will work or revealed the design of its Live system. In any case, it might look like applications like Instagram and even Facebook Live, where you can send criticism and respond to the live stream.

Microsoft helps to launch LinkedIn live streaming video service

Microsoft is helping LinkedIn promote a streaming video service live. The social network is providing a new service on LinkedIn Live for its 600 million users, which allows the transmission of video content.

Microsoft is helping to support LinkedIn Live through its Azure Media services by providing encoding technology for streaming live videos. LinkedIn also partnered with witcher Studio, Wonza Media Systems, Socialive, and Brandlive to enable content creators to access streaming services.

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At the same meeting, the giant reported that 29% of its revenue came from the social network, and there was a 30% increase in user session time. LinkedIn money comes mainly from video advertising.

The platform has not yet reported whether to add monetization for creators with videos. “This may come in time, but right now we’re focusing on incredible cases of tool use. This could even be the time to try some new ideas, “said the head of LinkedIn’s video division.

With the ad, LinkedIn now fights the space dispute with rival networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and (in particular) Twitch, which make up the bulk of live broadcasts today. It is also the best for more professional content, which follows the “business” model of the platform, which should become the company’s greatest weapon in these first months to distinguish LinkedIn Live from the competition and solidify its presence in the market.

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