On some Samsung smartphones, the Facebook application is impossible to delete

Facebook goes from one scandal to another, usually because of how it collects and exploits private data. This time the problem is different.
He found an answer for the Delete Facebook development: don’t enable clients to erase the application! This is already the case on some Samsung
devices, where the Facebook application is preinstalled and can only be “deactivated”, and not deleted.

Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg

On some Samsung smartphones the Facebook app can not be uninstalled

In recent weeks there have been many users who have decided to abandon Facebook, eliminating their account: this is, of course, possible but the real discovery was to realize that, once tapped on uninstall the application, the application does not it could not the slightest bit be clear.

Delete Facebook App

In a really bad year for Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg from the the perspective of privacy, finding out that you can not delete the app of the famous informal community from your cell phone is not something that pleases users, more and more sensitive and interested about the data management and online privacy.



An American realized that he could not remove the Facebook application from his Samsung smartphone but simply deactivate it. The user therefore feared that the protection of his personal data is not guaranteed. The Social Network organization anyway guaranteed that no data reached him in case of deactivation of the application. Bloomberg News reports the testimony of several users who found that they could not uninstall but only debilitate the use of the informal organization present by default. Similar experiences have been reported on the Android Central forum.

samsung telephone you may experience difficulty expelling the facebook application. Samsung phone clients have prevent that they can not totally discard the preinstalled Facebook application. They can only disable it.some users in possession of a smartphone Samsung have discovered the impossibility to cancel the Facebook app from their device.


Facebook can not be deleted on some Samsung phones

some samsung telephones accompany Facebook preinstalled and the South Korean electronics giant has released several apps that connect its devices to the social network. One of them, Samsung Mobile, requires permission to access 36 types of information related to Facebook, ranging from the display of the timeline to the photos of friends, through their religious affiliation and political opinions. The Galaxy S4 app requires less information about friends, but still collects their birthday dates, status updates, events, photos, and videos.


Samsung told Bloomberg that the Facebook application preinstalled on a portion of its mobiles never again works once debilitated. For its part Facebook has ensured that a disabled version of the application acts as if it had been deleted and does not collect data or return information to facebook.

Facebook Agreements with Smartphone Manufacturers

Facebook has written agreements with smartphone manufacturers: they not only preinstall its application but also prevent users from removing it. You end up with Facebook on your smartphone, whether you like it or not. At a time when Facebook Application is so much criticized, even boycotted, forcing users to have Facebook on their phone is starting to make people moan.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the devices included in this agreement. We still do not know when this decision was made, nor how many Samsung phones are affected, but what is clear is that Facebook can only be disabled, not deleted. Facebook responded by saying that a deactivated application behaves in the same way as a deleted application, which means that it no longer sends data to Facebook.

Smartphones manufactueres

Some others Applications on Android smartphones

Preinstalled applications are not a new phenomenon. Google apps like Maps and Gmail have been available on Android devices for years. Amazon applications are also installed on some smartphones as part of agreements with manufacturers. Twitter is also preinstalled on some devices, but the company says it does not start collecting data until you sign in to your account. Facebook Application, on the other hand, has been caught in the jar of jam: it collects data on users even if they do not have an account, regardless of whether they are connected or not.

Applications on Android

Facebook’s response is therefore quite right. When the application is disabled, return to the initial situation. Only the reserved place remains on the device, an empty shell. It’s like when you uninstall software on your computer and the installation folder remains. It is empty but always present.

Setup Application Management

To see which apps are active, press Application Management in the android settings at that point swipe to the dynamic rundown. These are all applications that are at present running. If there is an app in this list that you do not think you need, it will waste the working memory and processor time of your smartphone all the time. Applications that you have introduced yourself are easily removed in the Play Store. Perhaps you have forgotten that you ever installed the app that you at any point introduced the application.

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