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Top 10 Best Download Torrent Sites for 2019

Torrents are appreciated by a large number of people as they make it easy to download high-quality games, movies, files, and songs. However, 2019 has been a very important year for the torrenting community, with the popular Kickass Torrents that faced a challenge last year. In this article, we will see the Top 10 Best Download Torrent Sites for 2019.

If you’re looking to download movies and series for free, you’re in the right place. I’ve prepared the list of the best movie and series download sites. In this list of the best torrents sites, you will find several typologies of sites, depending on what you are looking for: with content in New TV-Episodes, HD movies, Documentaries, Apps Torrents, Games Torrents, TV Torrents, Music Torrents etc.

The best sites in Torrents include classics like The Pirate Bay, but also very popular sites like KAT, BARBG, Limetorrents and 1337x.

we know that the best site is always the one that allows you to find the most quality files you are looking for. Not to mention the number of seeders. We have therefore prepared a list of our favorite sites, which we hope will be a welcome source for your research.

The best Torrent sites for Feb 2019

You will find below a list of Torrent Sites for 2019, more or less in the order, we use to do our research. The list below is based on the ability of a site to offer you the high quality torrenting you are looking for, with as many seeders as possible. and have likewise endured a similar destiny. Luckily, a flood of new destinations came to fill the openings. Great old companions are likewise essential players with Pirate Bay at the highest priority on the rundown. Be that as it may, the rehash of the downpours locales after their conclusion is very wonderful.

1. The Pirate Bay

Pirate Proxy is a free Torrent Sites for 2019  that has an extensive catalog of free movies and series to download. Pirate Bay was founded by Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm, and Peter Sunde in September 2003 in Sweden. Since then, he has been a favorite within the torrenting community and is the most used torrents search engine.

The Pirate Bay

This site is a classic! TPB has been present for a long time and torrents have always been trusted. Pirate Bay may not be accessible in some jurisdictions, but the site has a list of proxies that you can use to get everything in the rules. Privateer Bay is utilized by in excess of 112 million individuals around the world.

2. ExtraTorrent

Extra Torrent is the 2nd largest database of torrents. What to find happiness for fans of movies to download!ExtraTorrent had already announced that it was definitely closing down, which was considered a serious blow to the torrent community. However, in a way, the site is back and fully operational!



3. YTS.AG is a site that boasts of providing the highest quality movies at the smallest possible size. A good compromise if you do not have the fiber.



Often regarded as an imitation of TIFY / YTS since its launch, most users appreciate the quality of torrents on YTS.AG.  In recent months, this torrent site has attracted a lot of users although it has nothing to do with YIFY and YTS. It’s not even the original site. Nevertheless, it will give you exactly what you want.

4. 1337X

Founded in 2007, 1337X has benefited greatly from the ban of ExtraTorrent and KAT. The 1337X site is useful for finding torrents that are hard to find on other sites. If you are looking for rarer or older files, 1337x could be right for you. The database is not as wide as the others, but what you are looking for might be there.


A complete overhaul of the site has caused a surge in traffic. It’s now a powerful torrents site that seems to be doing the right thing.

5. Seedpeer

With a respectable database, Seedpeer has always been a very good site for research. Its interface may not be as beautiful as the others, but it remains perfectly usable.


Seedpeer has a fairly large database compared to most torrents sites, with more than 3 million files. However, it is very convenient and will always be a good place to find what you are looking for.

6. KAT

This very popular site also known as “KickAss Torrents” is accessible from several mirror sites. The team behind KAT promised she would “go nowhere.” Despite being closed last year, Kickass Torrents is active again. He uses a new fork,

kickass (KAT)

The popular torrent site now has a new secure database, offering an experience and appearance similar to the original.

7. Torrent downloads

Torrent Downloads is a very large BitTorrent system, and it would attract a million users every month! We like the simplicity of the details on every page. That would be reason enough to try this site, but that’s without counting on the number of files available and the excellent quality of the torrents.



RARBG is known for its videos of very good quality. The site is considered when you are reading these ones of the best torrent sites for movies and broadcasts.


This site is made for P2P enthusiasts. Mainly quality torrents, most in high resolution. The priority here is quality, not quantity.


This site is like a super torrents index, so it allows searches among dozens of other Torrent sites. You can also consult the complete list on their website.

10. EZTV

As its name suggests, this torrent site focuses primarily on television shows. It does not have a catchy look and you will not find anything you are looking for, but EZTV is still an excellent site for TV shows. The quality of videos is generally constant, which makes them attractive to users.

EZTV torrent


Here! These are our 10 best torrent sites for 2019. Remember that to download torrents, you will need torrent software. The most popular is “BitTorrent” and “utorrent” and it can be easily installed.

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